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This course is designed for

Are you a business owner, employee, or aspiring marketing professional looking to improve your digital marketing skills?

Our Digital Marketing Masterclass will help you become a savvy digital marketer.

Without the right digital marketing training, you or your employer might waste time and money

on digital marketing strategies that don't generate the desired results.

The course will prepare you!

This 10-week Digital Marketing Course combines strategic planning with hands-on tactical learning to give you the tools to plan, run, and manage effective online advertising campaigns. The course is 80 percent hands-on learning, giving you the opportunity to build your skills with real-world exercises.

You will learn how to work with globally recognized platforms such as Google Ads & Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Unbounce, Instapage, and more.

In addition, our program covers everything relating to search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing automation. You'll learn how to effectively implement growth hacking, retention, and engagement strategies with a focus on generating actionable insights from data analytics.

  • Grow sales and revenue for any business

  • Get a job in digital marketing

  • Start and grow a new business

The Digital Marketing Course includes a personalized experience, engaging exercises, a variety of tools and templates, and one-on-one coaching with the instructor.

By the end of the Digital Marketing Course, you will be able to:

Start your Digital Marketing Journey!

Each of the course's 20 sessions will focus in-depth on one topic; such as Marketing Analytics or Search Engine Marketing. The sessions will include:

Mike Schott is a sought-after teacher, mentor, and coach with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. He has expertise in performance marketing channels ranging from search engine marketing, social media, display advertising, and email, among other marketing verticals. With the Digital Marketing Course, Mike shares his deep passion and understanding of the evolving field of performance marketing. He has created and led multi-million dollar digital marketing campaigns for clients across a variety of industries and has experience in the Latin American, US Hispanic, and general US markets.

Awesome words from our students.


Mike's system has made my life so much better. Every strategy and concept that he teaches is 10 times better than anything else you see online. He thoroughly understands everything when it comes to digital advertising and you would be missing out if you don't take a chance at picking his brain and wisdom on the subject. I took the chance and now my client list keeps rising. My investment was nothing compared to the reward I received.

Do it. You'll be happy you did.

Stephanie S.

As a professional in the field, Mike is an ideal source to learn Marketing tools from. He supplements his lessons with projects that allowed me to implement what I learned and truly understand it. His approachable demeanor and accessibility sets him apart from other teachers I've had in the past. He is extremely passionate about his craft and genuinely wants to see his students succeed.

Gerardo B.

Mike adds a lot of value in the path to take your digital marketing skills to the next level. His vast expertise and deep knowledge explain why we’ve had run very successful campaigns. The combination of theory and real life practice helps to learn at an accelerated pace and grasp the concepts with a firm foundation.

Jean Blackwell Font

Mike proved himself to be a well-informed practitioner of digital marketing, and shared his experience and knowledge in a very clear and concise manner. He introduced our cohort to best practices, tips, and tricks of the trade that would have taken a lot of trial and error to figure out on our own. His confidence and passion for his work carry through his instruction, and his generosity of experience make him an effective instructor.


As an MBA graduate, I never had hands on digital marketing experience.Mike so much knowledge to offer, taking any one of his courses will definitely help accelerate anyone's career tremendously. Mike's energy and passion for marketing is contagious and will make you want to be the best marketer you can be! I know that I can continue to count on Mike for help with any of my ongoing projects and am excited to see him grow his following of students! 


"I sort of fell into marketing a few years ago and I knew I needed a course that would fill the knowledge gaps. After researching online courses, I learned about Mike’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals course. It fit with my full-time work schedule and I enjoyed being in a classroom setting learning along with peers from different professional backgrounds. The course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the entire digital marketing landscape. Mike is a wealth of knowledge and an invaluable resource. The course was exactly what I was looking for."

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